Vance Morris is a successful multi-unit Chem Dry franchisee in Maryland. He’s been in business since 2007 after leaving the corporate world. He’s been in a rock band, has worked in pizza places with the team at Disney for 10 years.

The quote of the episode was, “Wherever you’re working now, look deeper. How does the business owner get new customers? How does the marketing work?” and “Trust but verify!”

Vance’s two pieces of advice were:

  • never give over control of your chequebook, know exactly where the money is going
  • keep control of the marketing and advertising

He recommends three books:

His #1 piece of advice for aspiring franchisees is to do your homework – mystery shop the prospective franchise, ask pointed questions, and find out if there’s a Franchise Advisory Board.

You can reach Vance at or [email protected]