Sam Holmes is a former accountant-turned-franchisee and he tells an awesome story about how he got started in franchising. A highlight is the guerilla marketing campaign that crushed a customer’s pram! Listen up Franchisee Nation!

Sam has delegated a lot of the staff management tasks to his managers. To avoid interruptions in his day he’s having the managers look after staff and do rostering.

He’d like to automate ordering, and is also looking at automating his pay runs using Zuus Workforce and Xero. He’s going to save himself 5 hours a fortnight by automating payroll!

Sam feels that he’s constantly working on staff. Introducing a workforce management system has helped but you can’t keep everyone happy all the time. He values his staff and believes he should treat them as he’d like to be treated.

He’s most excited about new categories and new technologies in automotive retail.

The big takeaway was don’t market until you get the other 4 things right – the store, the stock, the pricing and the staff.

His piece of advice for franchise owners before you start trading is to get out and talk to other franchise owners before you make the jump into buying a store.

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