We’ve all arrived at a restaurant or store without calling first only to find the store closed. The most valuable piece of information you can give customers online is your store opening hours. Why waste customers time having them call to find out your opening hours? If you haven’t got your store opening hours online, staff have to answer the phone which costs you money and detracts from sales & customer service.

Use the power of the Google

When customers Google your brand + their location, your store should appear as the top Google Maps result, and they should see . See below for a Google Maps example, a search for my favourite Mexican restaurant in Australia: Guzman y Gomez Sydney.

Google Maps result for Guzman Y Gomez Sydney

On the very first page, without even having to scroll, I can mouse over Martin Place and see immediately that the store is open until 3pm today. No problem, I’m in luck for lunch but if I want some dinner I won’t arrive at the restaurant and be disappointed.

Set up a Google Business listing on Google Plus

The solution to put your opening hours online is setting up a Google Plus listing. Just visit www.google.com.au/mybusiness to start up! There are other services like Yelp, Yellow Pages, but people are using Google to find information so it makes sense to list in the most prominent place. It’s essentially free advertising! Anytime someone searches “your brand + their location” your store will pop straight up.

Keep your store opening hours up to date

The best way I’ve found to keep your listing up to date is taking a screenshot and printing it – a copy of the hours that are published on Google. Stick it on the pin board in your office. That way, whenever you think of changing your business hours, you’re reminded to go back and check the printout and update the store opening hours in your online listing.

Would you like a full walkthrough on how to publish a Google Business walkthrough? I can do a 30 minute webinar focused on franchised retail. Sign up below if you’re interested