Here’s the deal. Since I put out the 4 episodes about key performance indicators (KPIs) in retail & restaurants I’ve been getting a TON of questions and some great feedback.

Frequent questions like:

  • What performance indicators should I pay attention to for profitability?
  • How do I keep track of all these numbers..?
  • I hate computers. Do I need to be a spreadsheet whiz to do this? (No! Do it on a whiteboard! 🙂
  • What key performance indicators should I pay attention to know if a manager is padding inventory?
  • What key performance indicators should I look at if I think a manager is over-scheduling?
  • What key performance indicators tell me staff aren’t upselling?
  • And there’s many more…

So this got me thinking. I LOVE chatting about KPIs and teaching business owners & unit managers all about looking at numbers. Instead of tapping out replies to people one-by-one, here’s what I’m going to do for you.

How about I put together a super-useful, actionable post that you can read, and give your unit managers, that shows you how to look at the key performance indicators you need to understand to run a profitable retail store or restaurant?

What will you learn about performance indicators?

You’ll get a solid understanding of the 8 key performance indicators you need to know and pay attention to, as well as a kick-ass way of tracking these numbers over time and what patterns to look for to boost your profitability.

So – what do you want to know about selecting, calculating, and tracking your numbers?

How’s that sound?

Do you have any burning questions about KPIs? What to look at or how to calculate them?

Help me out by filling out this one-question survey