Mark Anderson is CEO and founder of Complete Express Foods, a company that owns and operates 8 brand concepts including Brewster’s Chicken.

Mark’s point of difference lies in his company values. His number one goal is to help his franchisees be successful and thus he caps his franchisee fees at around $20k a year – meaning franchisees have uncapped earning potential! He also is looking for absentee franchsiees, a very unique requirement. His first franchisee Greg owns a Brewster’s store in Orlando, Florida and lives 3 states away!

HIs number one piece of advice to franchisees is train people to replace you. You need to focus on replacing yourself so that you can leverage your time and step away from the day-to-day running of the franchise, and multiply your time by opening more stores.

He’s most excited about the concepts from fine dining and fast casual making their way into QSR – that’s fresh ingredients, organic vegetables and higher-welfare proteins.

His worst moment in business came from a challenge to his values – I’ll let you listen to the story but he took some major action so that he didn’t violate his personal values. What a challenge!

You can get in touch with Mark at [email protected] or via his cell phone 813-641-4104. He’s happy to take calls from anyone in Franchisee Nation who wants to reach out!