Kim Richwol is a multi unit quick service restaurant owner who started the business with no previous experience when she was just 26. She has grown her brand from one store to two, and now three units by the time this episode goes to air. This episode is full of quick takeaways and actions you can use right now in your retail or quick service restaurant franchise. Franchisee Nation, listen up!

Kim has delegated the banking to her managers in the business because everyone on the shopping strip her store is located on wanted to have a chat. They’re customers too – you can’t say no!

Kim would love to automate serving the customers but there’s challenges with training staff for consistency.

Looking for good management staff is a challenge. It’s hard to find someone that leads by example and can manage people. She’s looking for people who can Work in a team, work hard, lead by example, have attention to detail and be a strong manager of people.

Kim wouldn’t leave the business if it was passive, she loves it so much!

In the food industry, Kim is excited about healthy fast food!

Her number one piece of advice for Franchisee Nation is don’t depend completely one one person or two people – always have a backup! And be prepared to step in and get your hands dirty.

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