As retail franchisees, we don’t want to be in the store from 7am to 8pm at night. You can do that for a while, but after a few months, that gets old. Although we think we should be in the store from open until close, and 100% across all the operations of our stores, the reality is that to perform at our best we need time away. We need that down time to go to the gym, spend time with family, even to catch up with friends.

It’s time to delegate out some processes. One of the biggest time savers is delegating out the store closing process. So how to train staff to close the store?

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is give staff a written checklist of items they need to tick off before closing the doors. I interviewed a franchisee recently who gives his staff a checklist of items they need to do, hour by hour, before they close up. They will initial this checklist for each item they complete, and this becomes part of their ‘close up’ record, part of the paperwork of the day.

The 8pm section might look like this:

  1. take out the bins
  2. wipe down the prep benches
  3. fill the drinks fridge if it’s not busy
  4. clean the front door glass

Remember at the end to ensure they have items like ‘lock door’ and ‘set alarm’ – those basic items that you take for granted, but staff might not think about.

If it helps, have two people responsible for close, one to action the items and one to check. When you’re training them on the close procedure, just stand by and let them come to you with questions.

Once you’ve delegated out the close procedure to staff you’ll save yourself time and know that your business is prepped and ready for the next morning’s trade.

Do you have any tips on how you delegate out the closing process for the store?