A lot of retail franchisees are asking how to hire good retail employees. Hiring staff is tricky, and it’s a common task retailers do. Kim Richwol, CEO & founder of healthy quick service chain FeedMee in Victoria, Australia, has a fantastic hiring process which cuts the time taken and sorts great from good. With staff turnover rates in retail of 50%, a franchisee with 20 staff will be re-hiring 10 staff every year. This means recruitment is almost a constant activity! (Hay Group reported 67%, though it’s sometimes hard to believe figures from a recruitment company)

A new hiring process

It’s the last step in Kim’s hiring process which is magic. She now simply conducts panel sessions, giving Kim great leverage in not having to interview people 1-by-1. Kim’s process is:

  • put up an ad for a retail service assistant
  • invite those who reply to a ‘group interview’
  • conduct a group interview
  • here’s the magic – ask for feedback!

Group interviews

Inviting the people who reply to a ‘group interview’ means that Kim doesn’t have to sort through CVs (yay!) and it also pre-sorts people into the group that is actually interested in the job, and the group that just applied because it was easy to apply through the job site (clicking a button!). Kim knows that the people who come to the interview are motivated and actually want the job.

At the group interview, Kim gets up and talks about the business covering topics like, what it’s like to work at FeedMee, what her core values are, what the expected behaviours are and the types of tasks they will be doing. Kim comments that this probably scares a few people off, but that’s a good thing. Kim wants staff who are motivated people and who are excited about the brand!

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is that magic last step that allows Kim to sort out the good candidates from the GREAT ones. Kim asks candidates to send her an email with their availability and any questions they might have. There’s two ways Kim rates candidates in this step – how quickly the email comes back, and how long the email is. If the candidate just writes a sentence or two with their availability and maybe a question about pay, she knows they’re not super keen. The candidates who write a longer email, with more detailed questions, and send it back within a few hours after the interview are invited in for a trial shift. Read more about trial shifts and the benefits of trialling staff.

No more looking at CVs!

Kim’s process means she doesn’t have to spend hours looking at and sorting through CVs, scheduling and conducting 1-on-1 interviews, making offers and coordinating times. It’s down to a fine art!

Have you developed a different process for hiring? Share your tips & tricks with hiring in the comments.