Think back to someone you met in your life who had a ‘magnetic’ personality. Was that person constantly complaining? Or were they identifying problems by solving them, and shedding a positive light on everything that happened to them?


Programmed for abundance

That magnetic personality, that classic ‘glass half full’ mentality, comes from an abundance mentality. If they have an interaction with a difficult customer, the way they tell the story will be reframed into a positive light. If a good opportunity comes along, they have an open mind and can embrace the opporunity and turn it into profit – they are programmed for abundance.

I’ve found it true in my life that the people I like, the people I want to spend more time around, have an abudance mentality. While it sounds harsh, I’ve come across my fair share of scarcity mindsets, and they’re not people I can get along with. There truly are unlimited opportunities in life, and you can pick and choose them as they come along. Some will work out well, some will go nowhere, and some will teach you the hard lessons. Embrace it!


Do you have an abundance mentality?

There are no secrets to success, only priciples that you can work hard to internalize, and put to work in your life.

If you think you might have an abundance mentality, just keep a mental note of your conversations for a day. Are your conversations all about you? Are they focused on what others can give you, do for you, or are others to blame for failings? When someone has success, do you congratulate them or think “that could have been me”? If these thoughts are in your head, you have a scarcity mentality, and you need to change it to be more successful in your personal and professional life.


Do others around you have an abundance mentality?

Now that you’ve looked at your own mindset, look at others around you. What are they saying and doing about others’ success? Or do they cut other people down? This is a classic symptom of a scarcity mentality – the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome – where the smaller poppies want to cut the taller, more successful poppies down to their size by diminishing their success with cutting remarks and negativity.


Choose your own adventure

Feel free to choose whichever mentality works for you, but know that if you accept the principles of abundance you will forever see opportunity where before there were obstacles in both your professional and personal life.

How have you reprogrammed yourself for abundance?


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