A retail experience customers can love

Franchises exist to provide the customer with consistency. Make sure your local customers get the same experience every time by posting some customer service values in a prominent place, and walking every new staff member through them and explaining what they mean. Your customers will thank you for it!

The same experience, everywhere

The reason franchises exist is to provide the customer a consistent experience, no matter where they go in the world. Ever visited a McDonalds in another country? Same service, same product, same pricing (with some awesome regional variations!). Customers get exactly what they’re expecting – that’s the power of franchising.

Customer satisfaction over time

McKinsey’s study of 27,000 american consumers across 14 industries noted that, “measuring satisfaction on customer journeys is 30 percent more predictive of overall customer satisfaction than measuring happiness for each individual interaction.” This means that the the customer’s life cycle, or the buzz they get from shopping with you needs to be maintained over time – it can’t just be based around one single shopping trip.

It’s all about emotion

Emotions are a big driver of customer satisfaction, and the main emotion associated with retailers is a feeling of trust. Consumers feel like they can trust your brand, then they are much more likely to be satisfied over the long term.

Customer service values

Make sure you’re providing a consistent experience for the customers from trip to trip. The best way Franchisee Connect interviewees have found of training staff to do this is by putting a set of ‘values’ up in big letters on the wall. These will be statements like:

Greet all customers & make them feel comfortable
Respect cultural & other personal differences
Evaluate how your customers want to be served
Adjust your approach to match your customer’s needs
Thank your customers for their business.

Thanks to QMR: http://www.qmr.com/products/customer_service/

You’ll need to walk every new staff member through your customer service values and explain what each one means. It’s useful to have them provide an example of when they might use each principle too – role playing really works in staff training.

What are your customer service values? Have your staff responded positively to the values?