Asking customers questions is the best way to see your store through their eyes, and find things you can improve and change. Temper these opinions with a healthy dose of skepticism, and you’ve got the perfect feedback loop for your retail store.

On the path to our goals, we need to be constantly seeking feedback to correct our course. This is super important in the context of retail where getting good customer feedback is key to improving the in-store experience.

Asking customers what they want isn’t the right way to go. To paraphrase Henry Ford, “If I had asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, faster horses.” Customers don’t really know what they want – but they be able to tell you in great detail what they don’t like!

So get out there, talk to your customers and have the courage to ask them the difficult questions. Questions like;

  • What do you not like about my store?
  • How do our prices compare to elsewhere?
  • Do you enjoy our service?
  • Is there anything I could change to make your experience better?

It’s tough, but remember everyone is craving a connection. If you can develop that connection with your customers every day, your customers will feel as if their input is valued and you’ll generate a lot of goodwill. With goodwill comes repeat business!

What are your strategies for getting good customer feedback?