Darcy Taylor, Subway Franchisee from Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia. He’s a new franchisee who has been trading for nearly a year at the time of this epsiode. He has 10 years experience in Quick Service Restaurants, first as Area Manager then as Franchisee Trainer for a big franchise group in Australia. Prepare for some knowledge bombs Franchisee Nation!

The quote of the episode is, “The quick service restaurant industry is bringing the best of the world to your local suburb.”

Darcy has delegated closing the store by identifying capable staff and putting together a procedure, and a time-incremented checklist.

His pieces of advice:

  • get life experience
  • trust your gut
  • be patient and wait, the good things will come

He’d like to automate returning or at least acknowledging that he’s read emails and will get back to people.

Darcy has a few things he’s working on, namely getting a handle on his cashflow and using his accounting system, Xero.

Darcy wouldn’t leave the business if it was passive. He feels like he’d prefer to be in the store because he’s so passionate about it.

In the quick service industry, he’s most excited about QSR’s diverse range of flavours and styles.

His number one piece of advice for franchisees is to get out and attend the local franchisee meetings and introducing yourself, and getting in touch with local franchisees who you can network with. Use them as a buddy!

Darcy says before you start trading, read up on the franchise system, get as much information as you can and look at what other franchise systems are doing. Go in with an open mind!
Reach out to Darcy at [email protected].