Benn Farrawell is a multi-unit SUBWAY Franchisee with 3 stores. I interviewed Benn in September of 2015 so if you’re looking for his story and his worst moment in business. He’s got some great tips in this interview about delighting your customers. Customer service is Benn’s passion and you can definitely hear it in this interview!

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The 3 great tips he expounds upon are:

  1. first impressions are EVERYTHING
  2. the customer is ALWAYS right (or at least they should feel they are!)
  3. farewell the customers and make them feel welcome when they return

Simple tips but so powerful. When is the last time you had service that made you feel a tiny bit better about your day? I bet you can remember the exact store you visited and what you had – when someone makes you feel good, you remember it?

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Have you had great service somewhere? What tips would you give fellow franchisees about customer service? Leave a comment below 🙂