Craig Dimes is a multi unit franchisee across two brands. He’s been working in food service since age 16 and has owned a Golden Corral, Hungry Howies, SUBWAY and now a Rita’s franchise.

Craig believes franchising is 90% about the service, 10% about the product. Since the product and processes are all taken care of, it’s up to you to provide outstanding service.

The piece of advice for his 20-year old self was to listen and ACT ON the advice from people successful in your field.

The quote of the episode was, “Growth in sales fixes a multitude of evils”. Craig explains that you can do all the cost cutting in the world, but you should balance that with a focus on growing sales too.

He has delegated ordering and the management of inventory to others.

He’s most excited about the changes to QSR and Fast Casual around technology – specifically online ordering and technology at the table.

The hardest thing for Craig is finding great people. He will only open new locations if he has great people to open them with.

3 step process for filtering people as they walk through the door:

  • What do you look like? Smiling, posture, confidence
  • What do you talk like? Engaging, confident, giving eye contact
  • What’s on your application? Job-hopper or solid employee

His worst moment was on a busy night at Golden Corral, the first time he’d been left to manage the franchise by himself as Assistant Manager, and he was suprised with a regional inspection. From that Craig got some great advice about leadership which was, “ Be fair, and you will win their hearts.”

His book recommendation was Game Plan for Life by Joe Gibbs.

Number one piece of advice – embrace people skills. You need them!

Craig likes Jim Sullivan’s email, Sullivision for restaurant news and tips.

The LinkedIn groups Craig mentioned are: National Restaurant Professionals and Franchise Owner/Franchisee

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