Hiring the right staff for your franchise

Kim Richwol from FeedMee, and Jason Williams from SUBWAY, have developed their own unique approach to the hiring process.

You can customise your hiring process to match your way of doing business. Don’t feel that you have to conduct all the interviews, or even that you should do a traditional hiring process. Both Kim and Jason have broken the mould with their hiring process and had great results.

The art of the backwards interview

Kim puts up an ad and invites people who respond to an ‘interview’. Rather than a traditional one-on-one interview, instead it’s a presentation from Kim about the business. She presents for 15 minutes on what it’s really like to work at FeedMee, the types of customers they will be serving and the story behind the restaurant chain.

Kim also presents a set of core values called ‘FeedMee Values’. These values set the expectations for the staff before they are hired, ensuring staff know what is expected when they get behind the counter. Kim mentioned one of these values in Episode 001, “If the food’s not good enough to serve to your Mum, don’t serve it to my customers!” Setting expectations around food quality is super important in the quick service restaurant industry, and Kim does this right from the start in the presentation.

Ask for questions via email

Once this presentation is over, candidates are invited to send an email with their availability and to ask any follow-up questions. This email is the magic part. By inviting people to ask questions via email, Kim screens out those who just turned up to the presentation because they could. The people who are excited about working at FeedMee and genuinely want a job will email back their availability very quickly and ask lots of follow up questions. Kim knows by the speed of the reply and the length of the email how keen that person is.

Jason’s process at SUBWAY

Subway franchisee Jason Williams has a cool way to change the hiring process at SUBWAY. Jason likes to delegate part of the interview process to his shift supervisors. After putting up an ad, he will make the initial calls and invite candidates for an interview but he has his shift supervisors conduct the interview. This gives the shift supervisors more responsibility and authority, and of course supervisors know what they are looking for in the people they work with.

Set expectations

Once you’ve got new people on board, have a set of values and expectations that you set so that staff know what’s expected right from day one. Staff come in as a combination of their own experiences and background – remember they may never have cooked or stocked shelves before – and everyone has different expectations about food quality or how tidy a store should look. Setting your expectations and making them clear from the start means you’re more likely to have staff who keep the store tidy, keep the food quality high, and look after your customers.

I hope both Jason’s approach to the hiring process at SUBWAY and Kim’s approach to hiring at FeedMee are helpful in thinking about your hiring process. What strategies have you got to make your hiring process easier or faster?