Want to score the BEST restaurant manager jobs out there? Try LinkedIn! Think of LinkedIn as your always-up-to-date CV/resume. Instead of updating your resume every time you apply for a new hospitality job (like I did hundreds of times working in hospitality in the 2000’s!), use LinkedIn to keep yourself up to date. It takes about 15 minutes to update your profile and if you follow this guide you’ll have one of the best restaurant manager jobs around in no time!

People like you who listen to Franchisee Connect are all on LinkedIn and they are great people to work for! They’re highly successful franchisees with growing businesses  and are honest, genuine and generous people. Often listeners connect directly with me on LinkedIn. It’s been an awesome channel for growing my restaurant podcast.

Here’s 5 steps to getting restaurant manager jobs on LinkedIn

1 – change your profile headline

Nearly everyone on LinkedIn has their job title & company as their headline. Stick out from the crowd! E.g. mine is “I’m helping franchisees boost profit with technology”. It says what I do and who I help in a really short sentence. Perfect when the person hiring for restaurant manager jobs is short on time! You could use, “Passionate food service professional” or “Team leader in food service” or “Excited about leading a team serving great coffee and outstanding food”

2 – publish a post

Add an article every few weeks to get the BEST restaurant manager jobs. (Home > Publish a post). Even if you think you can’t write, summarize your thoughts in 1-2 paragraphs. It’s a great way to have people see your name regularly. You can write about things like:

  • your worst day in hospitality and what you learned from it
  • why you got into hospitality
  • why you want to work for an awesome restaurant
  • what you’re excited about in hospitality

This will show that you’re passionate about the industry and will make you stand out against the crowd who are all looking for great-paying, flexible restaurant manager jobs.

3 – personalize your link

To make it easy to find you, edit the link to your profile. On your profile, there’s a little ‘cog icon’ next to the URL for your profile (just under your profile picture). Click on the cog, then on the right you’ll see ‘Your public profile URL’. Mine is www.linkedin.com/in/michaelpullman. This will make sure a person who sees you on LinkedIn can easily share your profile with others who might be hiring for restaurant manager jobs. 

4 – search for restaurant owners

The next step is super easy to do. Reach out to franchisees and restaurant owners! Use the search feature to find people in your area:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn
  2. Click ‘Advanced’ near the search bar
  3. Add ‘restaurant’ to the keywords
  4. from the Location drop-down choose ‘located in or near’
  5. put in your postal code and the distance you want to travel
  6. hit search

Here’s one I did for Denver, Colorado.
restaurant manager jobs on linkedin

Note: you don’t need a premium account, I don’t even have one.

5 – reach out to restaurant owners

Now that you’ve found them, reach out to them! Here’s the exact script to use to find out if they have restaurant manager jobs going:

Hi Gayle,

I’ve looked at The Summit online and I love the feel of your venue! I’m a restaurant professional with 2 years’ experience in fine dining. You may be hiring for restaurant manager jobs right now or not, but I thought I’d reach out anyway. Please let me know if you’d like to talk! I’m available on 720-999-8888.


Awesome! I’ve created a video about finding restaurant manager jobs for you to go along with this post. It’s hosted below. Share it with your friends if you find it useful!

Much love!