Michael Pullman

Host, Franchisee Connect Podcast

Hi, I’m Michael Pullman

I’m Michael Pullman and I work with franchisees. I specialize in using technology to solve business problems. I help franchisees who are geared for fast growth and ready to invest in technology. I have worked in hospitality since I was 14 and I’ve trained over 500 franchisees and managers on using technology to build their business and boost their profits.

Just like you, I get a buzz from helping others. Helping small business owners (like my Dad) make their businesses more awesome is what I love doing! To help YOU make YOUR business more awesome I’ve built Franchisee Connect, a community of franchisees who want to build their businesses.

I work a normal 9-5 with the team at Zuus Workforce, where I talk to business owners every day. That’s where I discovered my passion for helping people like you. You know that all-over-your-body buzzy feeling you get when you do something nice for somebody? I get that every time I help a business owner solve some of their problems. It’s an awesome feeling! So the Franchisee Connect podcast and blog is a way of leveraging my time so I can help not just the 70 or so business owners I reach in my 9-5, but thousands of you who are out there looking for information about retail, quick service, or the challenges and opportunities that come with being a franchisee.

I’ll interview top-performing franchisees and pull out pearls of wisdom, insights, and ‘right-now’ actions that you can use that very same day to build your business. Follow Michael Pullman on LinkedIn

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