As a kid in school, I never knew what I wanted to do. I always envied those kids had the immediate answer in class, “I’m going to be a firefighter!”. Then they join the volunteer brigade at nights and on weekends. They finish school and enroll in the Fire Service academy – and they are a firefighter for the next 40 years.

Actually, in writing that down, maybe I don’t envy them! I’ve had the chance to get to know so many amazing people through the wildly varying fields I’ve worked in since I was 14. Working in lots of different industries has made me adaptable and means I have different skills to most. I’ve worked in:

  • a supermarket – 1999
  • a petrol station – 2003
  • retail, a bed shop – 2003-2005
  • currency exchange – 2006
  • truck driving – 2011
  • a pub – 2007
  • a hotel – 2009
  • a wedding venue – 2008
  • state government – 2008
  • a software startup – 2009

I was lucky enough to try lots of things before I settled on my mission of helping business owners make their businesses more awesome through the use of technology & numbers.

When I’m hiring people, I look for experience in two or three different fields, with customer-facing experience in retail or food service the number one priority. Serving the general public, the best and the worst of people, teaches young people empathy, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.