Chand Sharma, who I’ve interviewed on the podcast before, is a multi unit Checkers & Rally’s and Johnny Rocket’s franchisee. He’s done wonderful things in his few years as a franchisee, taking his store from one of the lowest performing in the Johnny Rocket’s system to top 10%!

In this episode and the last one I break down Chand’s journey and get the answers to a few burning questions about multi unit franchising.

A listener, Stacey, reached out to me with a few questions she’d like Chand to answer:

– What are the best practices for new franchisees who want to own more stores?
– What timeline do you recommend for acquiring the next stores?
Р Who should not run more than one store?
– How often do you visit each store?
– What checks and balances do you use on your managers and regional managers?
– What are some indicators for opening additional stores?
– What are your most important habits for success with 5 stores?
– What was one, or a few, of the most important lessons that you learned in building up to 5 stores?
Thanks Chand for coming on the podcast, and thanks Stacey for the awesome questions!