Chand Sharma is a young entrepreneur and multi unit franchisee with Checkers/Rally’s and Johnny Rockets. He has his own Indian restaurant concept too – Pakwan in Savannah, Georgia.

chand sharma in pakwan restaurant in savannah georgia

Chand was inspired to get into the restaurant business from growing up in restaurants. His mother and father ran restaurants and taught him the trade – instead of bedtime stories it was P&L statements!

Chand’s Dad had a saying, “We’re a family. We fight together, we live together and we win together.” He was talking about the restaurant crew being a family. That speaks to Chand’s leadership mission statement – he treats his crew as if they were his family. Because he’s able to treat his team like a family they stay with him longer – one of his team leaders has been with Chand 6 years!

Talking about leadership best practices, Chand recommends Good To Great author Jim Collins words about getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. Using your mission & vision you can inspire your team to grow and help each other be successful.

Chand has found some team members in unusual places – the aisles of a grocery store even!

Asked a question about when it’s time to move from one store to two, Chand answered that he’s a hands on guy so he knew when his team was ready for him not to be there. Again, its about finding the right people and empowering them to run the restaurant better than even you could!

Buying a struggling Checkers & Rally’s franchise store, Chand took the leap in his final year of college. With his leadership, vision and courage grew sales at his store to make it into the top 10% of stores in the US! He was rewarded with a cruise in Alaska for this feat.

In turning his store around Chand and his team faced some struggles. One night he was frustrated and went to his Mom with the question, “Why aren’t they recognizing the changes? The effort we’ve put in?” Priceless response from Mom: You and your team have to be so good that they can no noice but to recognize you!

Chand Sharma is most excited about technology in the franchising industry. He can see the massive scope for growth in delivery in the quick service restaurant space.

Staying in touch with the industry is important to Chand and he regularly looks at and

One piece of advice Chand has for aspiring franchisees: Filter your present decisions through your long term vision. What does that mean? Under stress we make poor decisions that are in our short term interest. Whenever we’re faced with a decision, take a breath and ask ourselves if the decision lines up with our long-term goals – will it get us closer or further away to the goal? Love it!!

Get in touch with Chand at [email protected] with any questions you have!

Thanks Chand, I’m proud to call you a good friend since meeting you a few weeks ago! Shout out to Ramesh for introducing us, and to Stacey for the awesome questions in this episode 🙂

Michael ☄️