Robert Kohler is an entrepreneur, restaurateur and connector-of-dots in the business world. He’s based in Sausalito, right across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco.

Robert founded Kohler Law, a virtual law firm specializing in tech & bioscience, over 20 years ago. He’s also non-operating partner in a restaurant group called Sauce. With 2 locations and a bed & breakfast called Sleep, the restaurant group has been successful and gives Robert an extra dimension to life that he wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The philosophy of Robert’s business life is to look for undervalued, underused properties – market niches, physical property, innovative products – and build them into something great. Seeing potential in a product created by two engineers, Robert’s first company sold on the basis that he’d team up with these two engineers and do the marketing and business development and they would iterate the product. The company eventually sold in a ‘reverse triangular merger’ after a serious amount of negotiation between the 3 owners!

As part of his law background, Robert always recommends having a short written contract in place for anything you do with partners, friends or subcontractors. This is a short agreement that’s written and signed by both parties.

When Robert goes for meetings in San Francisco he’s able to use Sauce as a meeting venue – adding an extra dimension to his business meetings!

Rob recommends being tuned in to various industries. He’s in touch with the restaurant industry, real estate, venture capital and tech, and has joined mailing lists for each.

Currently Rob’s working with a startup called that helps people find items featured in stores online – very cool!

Using LinkedIn, Rob finds people & companies who are doing interesting things and reaches out to them.

Rob recommends Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Traction and Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman.

Reach out to Rob via email at [email protected]