Melissa Tash is CEO and founder of Spoiled Rotten Photography.

Melissa helps business owners get away from their 9-5 corporate jobs by owning a photography franchise. Spoiled Rotten helps franchisee go into pre schools and take beautifully lit, beautifully posed timeless photographs of 3 & 4 year olds that parents can be very proud of.

Melissa has a background in custom photography as well as being the Army and industrial engineering. Her training background meant that she was perfect to help franchisees on their journey from a 9-5 job to being a business owner.

Surprisingly, not all of Melissa’s franchisees are photographers by trade. While the have an interest in photography, about 50% have never used a professional camera before. Melissa puts new franchisees through 2 weeks of training on the basics of photography before they do the final franchise training.

Melissa is struggling with growth and time management right now. She has just hired an operations person to help her formalize and rewrite the documentation, and to help with delegating tasks.

Melissa’s worst moment in business came from not staying true to her core values. She knew that parents were looking for that classic portrait but was swayed by a decision maker at a school to provide a different type of shot – which didn’t end up being successful.

To stay in touch with business, Melissa and her franchisees have a book club. Each month someone reviews a book, and she recommends ‘How to win friends and influence people in the digital age

To stay in touch with the industry, Melissa attends the Professional Photographers of America conference, and has her ‘family reunions’ aka franchise conference in the 3 days right before that conference.

To get in touch with Melissa, visit