Paul Maskill is Business Development Director for TGA, a golf & tennis coaching franchise. TGA specializes in partnering with schools to provide after-school tennis and golf coaching for kids, as well as weekend camps & junior leagues for local tennis and golf clubs.

After leaving the ‘cubicle-farm’ finance business in 2011 Paul was searching for a new opportunity that fused his love of sports and experience with golf coaching with his desire to be his own boss. He found TGA when flipping through the Entrepreneur magazine and decided to become a franchisee. From 2011 to 2015 Paul grew his franchise, then he transitioned to a role as Business Development Director for the franchisor.

Paul faced an interesting challenge being new to Raleigh, NC, and having no existing networks. He had to rely on finding people he trusted through postings on Craigslist looking for golf & tennis coaches – though he always established a value fit before hiring someone.

The worst moment for Paul was 3-4 weeks into owning the franchise with no customers yet. He trusted the brand, knew the system worked and he continued to pound the pavement to find those first few customers. 15 calls a day was what it took to sign that first school – from then on he knew it could work in his market.

Paul is excited about the future growth of TGA. They just hit the goal of 100 franchisees and now they’re looking ahead to the 200 franchisee milestone – congratulations guys!

Looking forward, Paul’s best piece of advice for new franchisees is to: Work Hard, Follow the Model, and Engage the Network. These are the three maxims of success in TGA – following these three maxims brings the time to scale down.

Paul suggests reaching out to existing franchisees who are experiencing success. Find out what they are doing that you could be doing and follow their advice – that’s the fastest way to scale. Franchisees are always willing to help each other!

To scale the business, evaluate where you’re spending your time. If you’re still servicing customers, step away from that role and start to focus on growing the business. Imagine the business if 5 years time: what key people are in place & what your role is. Every decision that takes you towards that ideal future moves you in the right direction.

Reach out to Paul at or [email protected]