Craig Slavin has 44 years of experience in franchising. As the founder & CEO of Franchise Central, Franchise Navigator and Franchise Architects, he specializes in helping brands make the right choice in franchisees using the principles of behavioural science.

Craig has worked with Apple and Disney helping create the customer experience for their flagship stores.

The main sources of conflict in business are unfulfilled expectations and having the wrong type of people in the business – people who are not a good fit. Craig’s Franchise Navigator seeks to eliminate the second cause of conflict by ‘getting the right people on the bus’ in the beginning. Franchise Navigator profiles a person and looks to predict attributes that would point to their success in franchising based on behavioral science principles.

Using Franchise Navigator Craig worked with Sears on their Hometown Stores division and was able to predict which managers would be successful based on their profile. By keeping the ‘right people on the bus’ Sears were able to increase same store sales by 38% over two years – impressive figures!

Craig has released a book, Franchising is full of BS, which details how behavioral science relates to franchising. Definitely worth a read – it’s free, and short, and packed full of useful info!

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