In this episode I take a look at the best podcasts for franchisees like you! I’m a massive fan of podcasts so I thought I’d share the best franchising podcasts plus a couple of my favorites.

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–Michael Pullman

How to get started with podcasts

Podcasts are a great alternative to listening to the radio. You know when you turn on the radio in your car or at home and listen to 15 minutes of ads & waffle before they get to something you actually care about? Podcasts are the talk-show equivalent of having music on your iPod or phone. Listen to what you’re interested in when YOU feel like it!

To get started on iOS just look for the purple ‘Podcasts’ icon and search for ‘Franchisee Connect’. Subscribe then leave a rating and review! On Android, download the ‘Stitcher’ app from Google Play and search for ‘Franchisee Connect’.

Here’s my list of the best podcasts for franchisees.

The 5 best podcasts for franchisees

Franchise Euphoria with Josh Brown

Franchise Interviews with Marty McDermott

  • Marty McDermott is a great interviewer
  • Leads the conversation
  • Intro is super long. Fast forward 6 minutes to get to the content
  • Not available on itunes – subscribe on Stitcher

The Educated Franchisee with Rick Bisio

  • Timely topics eg presidential race
  • Supports young people in franchising
  • Audio quality isn’t the best

Automate your Franchise with Paul Maskill [now shut down]

The best podcasts outside of those I rate for franchising:

Here’s an actual picture of my podcast feed (I use Downcast for iOS)

best podcasts