This episode is with Mitch Baker, Chief Marketing Officer at DRNK coffee and QWENCH juice and an expert in local store marketing.

The knowledge bomb from today’s episode about local store marketing was the SWOT analysis. Use this technique to break down your business and stop reacting to competitors, sales dips or traffic issues. Get ahead of the game! Step-by-step:

  1. Sit down for 30 minutes
  2. Take a piece of paper and divide it into 4 equal sections
  3. In the first section write ‘Strengths’
  4. In the other 3 sections write ‘Weaknesses’ ‘Opportunities’ ‘Threats’
  5. Thinking about your business, make a big list in each section.

Examples include:

  • Strengths: great location, good signage, traffic from local school at 9am and 3pm
  • Weaknesses: can’t put out more than 50 units an hour
  • Opportunities: local school, daycare centre, train station (hubs where people gather)
  • Threats: competitors, weather, obscured signage

Mitch suggested franchisees try a few things like sampling. Send a group of team members into the street, toward local transit hubs, or into office buildings with samples.

One of the biggest messages from today for me was: Put together a list of your marketing opportunities, then try each one for a period (a week/2 weeks/a month) and see which is most effective. I’m going to do this for the podcast!

We chatted about the ways franchisees can know if their franchisor is giving them value for their ad fund. Ideally, the franchisor should offer some support in marketing, mostly:

  • Marketing support and advice
  • A range of turnkey programs which are customizable for local markets

If Mitch had a blank check and could put together an ideal local store marketing package, he would give franchisees access to a robust, easy-to-use, fucntional website with a menu of programs for franchisees:

  1. Ready-to-use printed material that franchisees can order
  2. Direct email programs
  3. Online advertising opportunities
  4. Local and regional media opportunities

To round out an incredible local store marketing package Mitch would put together a field marketing team, each responsible for around 10 stores, who would visit with franchisees and coach them on local store maketing.

Mitch started his career in Miami working in promotions for local radio before moving across to Disney World encouraging local TV to broadcast from one of the 4 theme parks onsite. Mitch moved to Blockbuster Video in it’s heyday as Director of Marketing looking after stores, then across to Blockbuster Music. He worked with the largest franchisee who had 19 stores in Arizona on marketing, then was asked to do a country-wide roadshow about their local store marketing package.

You can reach out to [email protected] if you need some advice!