Nik Rollison is a very experienced player in the food & beverage industry. Currently he is working with the Betty’s Burgers team on operations and business development. He’s been in food & beverage his entire life, working in Las Vegas for a period of time then moving out to Sydney 5 years ago to redevelop the F&B program for Star City in Sydney.

Before joining David and the Betty’s team Nik ran a consultancy called Concrete Seed which is all about getting new restaurant concepts off the ground – creating, designing and onselling new brands.

Working with Paul Kelly, David Hales put together the concept for Betty’s Burgers and approached Nik about developing the concept further. Nik joined David to work on operations and introduced a chef to work on menu development.

Betty’s opened the first location in Noosa’s Hastings Street in December 2014, with another store following 11 months later in the Gold Coast.

Nik knew the concept would take off when he watched the groundswell of support grow and grow. The restaurant had 50 seats and was running at double the turns (turning over tables) very quickly after opening.

Nik’s passionate about the ‘sense of surprise’ customers get when they visit a limited service, value offering and are blown away. As a customer that’s pretty powerful!

Nik knows the secrets of the trade and has helped David, the founder, develop a concept that has a short, tight menu with a lot of unique touches like in-house sauces, special-formula buns and signature desserts.

We delved into the service model at Betty’s. There’s 4 main positions in the Front of House team:

  1. street team
  2. greeter
  3. point of sale team
  4. floor team

Have a listen to find out Nik’s description of each one and his explanation of WHY each part of the team is crucial to Betty’s point of difference.

Nik’s advice on finding people is to hire for attitude and find the best fit for that person. Once you’ve got to know them, you can develop them into further roles and extend them.

A challenge they’re having at Betty’s is standardizing. Different locations are requiring different SOPs at the moment, and that’s pretty hard to scale.

“Determine your non-negotiables – the essence of your brand.” Was Nik’s advice to any founders out there managing growth at the moment.

Reach out to Nik at or [email protected]