Mariel Miller is all about matching the right person with the right franchise opportunity. She goes deep into a person and examines not just likes and dislikes but traits, value systems and beliefs to match a person to the right business. Mariel believes there is a self-employment opportunity to match every person.

Mariel suggests taking a look at franchising for anyone who is tired of trading time for dollars or looking for a change.

A huge part of the process of Mariel’s work is developing a relationship with her clients. The first step is to uncover any misperceptions – like ‘find your passion and the money will follow’ – WORST. ADVICE. EVER.

Mariel believes that people aren’t ‘discovering’ their passions – in fact they can develop a passion for a business. This is a fresh take on that age old advice!

The next step in the process is to look at core competencies – what are you good at?

Then together, Mariel will look at business opportunities with you and take away what doesn’t fit – much like Michelangelo carving the statue of David by taking away chunks of rock that weren’t David (I love that metaphor! -M)

With a background in counselling and psychology, Mariel has a passion for finding out what makes people tick, and using this information to match people to opportunities. A realtor or an executive recruiter have similar roles. Mariel trains, coaches and educates her clients so that they are on a level playing field with the franchisor – before making the decision.

Mariel’s journey started in weight loss counselling in the 80s. She found something she enjoyed after being miserable working in insurance, then jumped into franchising and elevated herself to an Area Director role with a pretty significant salary increase!

I asked Mariel what the common traits or abilities of successful franchisees are. She replied that, just like there is no perfect husband, there is no perfect franchisee. However, there are traits & abilities that make people more successful in franchising. The traits Mariel listed were:

  • the need or the drive to reach and exceed goals
  • resiliency – bouncing back after perceived failure
  • assertiveness – getting what you want without hurting other people
  • a sound value system
  • AND that you USE these!

Her advice is to do a better job of documenting when you’re successful. This way you can find your best practices and use them again!

Mariel mentioned not being discouraged if you don’t have a big nest egg of money to get started. There’s lots of finance out there for motivated people. There is always a way!

Mariel is excited about the growth in franchising. There’s several sectors Mariel mentioned:

  • healthy living
  • healthy food
  • business services
  • personal services
  • working with children
  • aged care & senior living

Mariel keeps a few outstanding sources of information:

Get in touch with Mariel at [email protected] or the new website,