Here’s part two of the interview with Eric Slater from Pan De Vida in Nicaragua!

Eric has just completed the 1117 Mercedes Benz food truck that we were talking about last episode. There’s pictures and videos below

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 8.13.44 PM (2)

Partnership with San Juan Del Sur brewery who will provide the beer, Pan de Vida provides the food – party truck made in heaven!

Eric has bought back the original franchise store from an absentee franchisee who didn’t want to be involved any more. Celebration time!

When the truck is complete they’ll roll up to parties and provide the freshest eats and a wild party!

Maxim magazine just published an article about Nicaragua’s lifestyle.

Check out Eric’s gorgeous place in this video taken from from our interview today.

Video is coming!… Remind me on Twitter

Eric is providing stellar service and a luxury experience that is unlike anything else in Latin America. Eric, with his tongue in his cheek, calls it ‘gringo service’ because it’s pretty unique 🙂

Operationally, the food truck runs a brick oven inside, with a Honda generator for power. An iPad provides the POS, and there will be 3-4 crew plus a driver.

Eric puts new franchisees through 10 days of training, which has been formalised into an operations manual.

The next plan is to put some brick ovens on trailers to run mobile event catering. Investment here is 10-15k and you’ll pull in $2k to $3k a weekend. What an awesome ROI!

Eric’s going to do some school catering with his newest franchisee.

Pan de Vida recently entered a partnership with Claro, a large telecoms provider in Latin America to do some marketing. They needed some cool content and Eric’s got heaps of that! Check out this mouth-watering video.

Get in touch with Eric on Pan de Vida’s Facebook page

On Twitter

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