Hey there Franchisee Nation! Thank you for waiting patiently for part 2 of my interview with Tom Potter. I’ve been wanting to get Tom on the podcast for a while. He’s a really experienced operator with 20 years in food service. He’s got some great insights so please enjoy!

Tom Potter is a speaker and author with 30 years’ experience in food service in Australia. Growing, running and ultimately selling the Eagle Boys franchise in Australia has given Tom a wealth of knowledge about quick service and fast casual restaurants.

Tom sold the business in 2008 and retired after 20 years growing the franchise. He now speaks at a variety of conferences and trade shows around Australia and the world.

Two areas that every franchisee should delegate:

  • marketing – delegate and outsource as much as you can so you’re not discouraged by the lack of instant results
  • bookkeeping – it’s not a money-making activity and never will be. delegate it so you can focus on what drives your sales

Tom’s excited about self service for restaurants. There’s a big market out there for self service!

Tom had some struggles with early employees. His piece of advice is spend lots of time vetting and checking up on those early employees to avoid $100k mistakes!

We also covered a bit about Pie Face. As consumers we’re confused by what they offer. It will be interesting to see where that business goes over the next two years.

Bringing on a mentor or a board as early as possible is one of Tom’s major pieces of advice to early-stage independent QSR operators. Tom brought on a board officially in 1994 after 7 years and he would have done it earlier if he could have.

Now Tom spends his time speaking and consulting to early-stage fast casual concepts like Burger Edge.

This is part 2 of a 2 part interview. Reach out to Tom for his mentoring or speaking engagements at TomPotterSpeaker.com.au