Hey Franchisee Nation!

In the interest of putting out free, valuable, and consistent content to you all I have dedicated a series of episode just to the key KPIs in quick service restaurants. I talked to a series of franchisees last week who didn’t know their numbers! If there’s two things I’ve found ALL successful multi-unit operators have, it’s:

  1. great relationships with their customers, staff, franchisor, and suppliers and
  2. they know their numbers

Every day of every week, the most successful multi-unit franchisees pay attention to:

  1. sales
  2. sales per labor hour
  3. productivity
  4. labor cost percentage
  5. average transaction value
  6. comparative growth
  7. average hourly rate
  8. overs/unders

So I’m doing an education series on these 8 numbers. You’ve gotta know these numbers! That means knowing:

  1. what a good days numbers are
  2. what a bad days numbers are
  3. what your target is
  4. how far you have undershot/exceeded your target

And it’s pretty easy to track! We’ll go into some strategies in each episode.

Download your free KPI monitoring spreadsheet at FranchiseeConnect.com/KPIS