This is part 1 of my interview with Joel Libava, The Franchise King®.

Wow – I have been looking forward to this interview for months! When I started the podcast Joel Libava was number one on the list of people I wanted to interview in franchising.

Joel is The Franchise King® and he helps people make the right decision about franchising before they spend the money. He provides honest, straightforward advice to people who are thinking about buying into a franchise. Joel has just launched a new course, Franchise Business University, to help prospective franchisees learn all they can before they buy into a franchise.

franchise business university

Joel has been on both sides of the franchising fence with 9 years as a franchisee in a franchise brokerage firm and 2 years as an independent franchise broker. After 11 years Joel had had enough of selling franchises where the franchisor was the client. He decided to become a completely independent advisor where the person in front of him was the client.

Joel was at an business expo in Cleveland, Ohio where a business associated shouted across the room, “Here comes the franchise king!” and thus The Franchise King ® brand was born!

Joel recently launched Franchise Business University, a course aimed at anyone thinking of buying a franchise. It’s all the things you need to look out for and consider before spending the money on the franchise fee!

We had an interesting chat about the rising minimum wage which we can sum up in Joels’ 8 eloquent words “The more people make, the more they spend.” It really is a win-win!

Part 2 is coming up in 2 weeks – we talk about young people getting started in franchising and Joel’s number one piece of advice for new franchisees so stay tuned!

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