This is part two of my interview with Josh Brown from Indiana Franchise Law. Listen to the episode anytime right here! Josh Brown has a law office and podcast especially for franchisees. Check out his episode with Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth!

Josh is excited about the Senior Care sector. There is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to design franchise concepts in senior care. Coming up with creative solutions to allow seniors to age gracefully is Josh’s way of describing the sector – love that!

Check out Josh Brown’s Franchise Euphoria podcast. Especially the episode with Michael Gerber, author of [amazon text=The E-Myth&asin=0887307280].

Josh Brown’s number one piece of advice is to never ignore your intuition when becoming a franchisee. be 100% certain that this is the right business for you – check your ‘belly barometer’!

There’s two kinds of roadblocks that your mind will put up:

  • fear – being afraid of failure or afraid of success
  • intuition – being doubtful about support or processes

And Josh’s advice is to listen to your intuition but push through the fear.

A bonus piece of advice: you can’t talk to enough current or former franchisees! Make sure their site is similar to your location and demographics though.

Reach out to Josh at or [email protected]